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Is Zacha a King or God? My take

Lets first start where everyone's thinking on this debate, that masterful bucket flow.

At first glance the brain automatically goes to Zeus with scruff instead of the full on rager of a beard. One point: God

Next we have to consider one of the most important aspects of hockey. That is what emoji can I use to show to all my devils text groups that Zacha just buried one. Last I checked there wasn't a god emoji but there is a king's crown one . One point: King

Lastly lets talk about the absolute snipe he had yesterday in a 3 point effort against the Buffalo Sabres for the Devils to stop there 3 game skid. That GWG in OT really got the juices flowing again for this team. On top of that he has extended is point streak to 8 games while also becoming the team leader in points at 12. The best part about all of this? He is still on 23 years old. Zacha has been in the line up for the past few season and we forget how young he actually is. We have all been waiting for him to put his offensive game together. Now it is still early, but I think we can all agree that this is the Zacha we have been longing for. Guy has an absolute rocket of a shot and he needs to rip it more.

Playing along side Bratter and Nico will hopefully open up the ice for him a bit more to unload that weapon. Three points: Current Stud

All the points have been given away now and we know Zacha is a stud. Hopefully he can continue his growth this year and become a great top 6 forward for this team.

I'm out - RR

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